Moving My Pictures (Again)

Consistent with my shifting attention in web development, I’ve had my photo galleries in all sorts of Content Management Systems (CMSs) over the years. One feature most of those systems shared was the complexity of uploading new images or replacing old ones. My desire to simplify both my web development platform and keeping my images current has led me to Squarespace.

I know, I’m pretty late to the party. But, in truth, I tried Squarespace several years ago and found its attractive and well-designed templates to be too confining. Version 7.1 of Squarespace has really made a difference. All the version 7.1 templates have the same capabilities and features; it’s just the design elements that change.

Creating and editing blog posts is very straightforward and, for the most part, WYSIWYG. The default template designs are modern and elegant, but there is enough flexibility to create the design you envision. Many font families are available and keeping the fonts consistent across all the pages and design elements is one of Squarespace’s strengths.

Anyway, the image gallery element works well and makes it easy to manage images in that gallery. And you can have as many galleries as you want. My galleries show a little of what can be done.


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