• Choosing a Softbox System

    After I settled on the right off-camera lighting system for me (Profoto), I needed to choose between Glow (an Adorama brand) and Profoto (specifically their OCF line) for a system of softboxes.

  • Off-Camera Flash Choices

    For several years my battery-powered off-camera flash ‘system’ has been a mishmash of equipment. Clearly, I didn’t have much of a ‘system’ and it certainly wasn’t very modern. It was time for something better.

  • Will Squarespace Be It?

    My experiments in web development have led me all over the field of Content Management Systems (CMSs) from WordPress to Squarespace with stops at Kirby, concrete5, SilverStripe, Perch, Statamic, and Grav. Some of those have changed names and/or underpinnings, but clearly, I’ve tried too many.

  • Moving My Pictures (Again)

    Consistent with my shifting attention in web development, I’ve had my photo galleries in all sorts of Content Management Systems (CMSs) over the years. My desire to simplify both my web development platform and keeping my images current has led me to Squarespace.

  • Moving

    Exporting blog posts from one system to another (from Grav to Squarespace, in my case) is just too time-consuming and loses too much information. So my move to Squarespace is going to leave the older part of the blog behind.

  • Production, Semi-Custom, and Custom

    The makers of 1911s all fall into three general categories – production, semi-custom, and custom. What is it that differentiates these groups and why should you care? The most significant and obvious difference is the cost.