Category: Competition Pistols

  • An Alien Pistol

    I’ve started back shooting a Laugo Arms Alien pistol and I still like it. These pistols are a niche firearm that offer a unique design not found together in any other current pistol that I know of. And if you have had a chance to shoot one, you’ll know exactly what I mean by unique.

  • The Competitor

    The M&P Competitor, that is. After IPSC Nationals in November of 2023, I got started practicing and shooting matches with the M&P Competitor. That has worked out pretty well.

  • 2024: The Year of the Bullets

    For my USPSA and IDPA practical shooting competitions I’ve been a huge fan and consistent user of the 1911 platform. But 8 or 10 rounds in a magazine gets old, especially in USPSA. So 2024 is going to be my year to shoot a high-capacity pistol. And there sure are a lot to choose from!