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My Blogging Workflow


I find other people’s workflows to be fascinating. It’s not because I necessarily want to do what they do, we all do things differently, after all, but because there might be a step in their process that would help me in mine.

Because I have read so many workflow stories, I thought I’d publish mine, in case others like to read them too.

The short version is that I start in Ulysses, move to Atom, switch over to PhpStorm (with a side trip to Tower), and it all ends up on my server at Site5.

PhpStorm Is Powerful, Not Pretty


I’m writing about web development tools again instead of about new uses for those tools or about photography. That is, I suppose, because I’ve been working more with the tools to make small changes to this site, and I haven’t been taking nearly enough pictures.

Carnival CostumeThe taking pictures part should get better soon, because I’m making a trip to Cozumel for Carnival in a few weeks. We go every year. And there are great photos to be had of the elaborate costumes.

But for now, this is about PhpStorm, the PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from JetBrains. You know I still love Coda, but even with all its features, it can’t really be called an IDE. PhpStorm (why is it not spelled PHPStorm?) is no pretender.