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Atom vs. Coda?


Perhaps I’m creating another chance to get flamed in the programming editor “religious wars” or in the “fight” over stand-alone tools versus IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), but I generally blog about what I’m working on. And right now, since I’ve gotten myself stuck on a feature I’m developing in Grav, I’ve been working on Atom and Coda configuration.

And Coda, combined with the tremendous support of its developer Panic, is drawing me back in, even after what I just wrote about Atom.

Coda vs. Atom?


No, comparing Atom and Coda isn’t really fair. Coda is a full web development IDE (Integrated Development Environment) while Atom is a programming text editor. As an IDE, Coda comes with lots more than just the editor. But what if I just discuss how the two editors compare?

I’ve been using Coda for years. I have made a few detours to the likes of TextMate 2 (still stuck in beta after all this time), BBEdit (which I’ve owned since a MacWorld Expo in Boston many years ago) and Sublime Text, but I’ve always come back to Coda. It is perfectly Mac-like, well supported and extremely capable.