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My Blogging Workflow


I find other people’s workflows to be fascinating. It’s not because I necessarily want to do what they do, we all do things differently, after all, but because there might be a step in their process that would help me in mine.

Because I have read so many workflow stories, I thought I’d publish mine, in case others like to read them too.

The short version is that I start in Ulysses, move to Atom, switch over to PhpStorm (with a side trip to Tower), and it all ends up on my server at Site5.

New Year’s CMS


It’s a new year, and I have a new CMS (Content Management System) running this website. Long-time readers will not be surprised; I change CMSs from time to time.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the CMS is Grav. I’ve written about trying Grav, the differences that distinguish Grav and what would make me change from Statamic recently.