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My Blogging Workflow


I find other people’s workflows to be fascinating. It’s not because I necessarily want to do what they do, we all do things differently, after all, but because there might be a step in their process that would help me in mine.

Because I have read so many workflow stories, I thought I’d publish mine, in case others like to read them too.

The short version is that I start in Ulysses, move to Atom, switch over to PhpStorm (with a side trip to Tower), and it all ends up on my server at Site5.

New Year’s CMS


It’s a new year, and I have a new CMS (Content Management System) running this website. Long-time readers will not be surprised; I change CMSs from time to time.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the CMS is Grav. I’ve written about trying Grav, the differences that distinguish Grav and what would make me change from Statamic recently.

The Great Migration


You made it here, but you might have expected to end up somewhere else.

“Here” used to be a long-standing WordPress site. Now “here” is at the same domain (, but on a different site framework; now it’s Statamic. The old site is still running and still has the same content as always, it’s just at Robert Rockefeller now.

That content will probably stay over there until it’s too old to matter or no longer visited by anyone. Some of it, the most recent or popular posts, will be transferred here over time. But, for the most part, this is a fresh start. And I’m feeling pretty good about that. It’s fresh from the point of view that the design is very different. And fresh because it’s a new framework. But fresh mostly because I feel more comfortable in writing at this site.

I’ve long wanted to move off WordPress. Not because it was exactly bad; it’s just so complicated sometimes with the theme frameworks, child themes, plug-ins, hooks and endless security updates for every plug-in and every theme on what seems like a once a week routine. But I always hesitated because I do get a little bit of traffic and some people seem to be finding part of the content to be useful. I didn’t want to break all that up.