The crop tool in Capture One Pro works very well, but does not make it easy to see what crop ratio has been applied. I usually crop for standard frame sizes; 11x17, 10x8 (4x5), and 5x7 mostly. When I go back to look at an image later, I can’t always tell which frame size I cropped it for.

When you choose the crop tool while viewing an image that has been cropped, the crop dimensions, in pixels, is shown. But not the aspect ratio.

Process Recipe To help me with that, I set a Process Recipe to scale the long edge to 1000 px. As long as I have that Process Recipe selected, the crop dimensions shown by Capture One in the crop preview will always show the long edge at 1000px, making it easier for me to tell the crop ratio more quickly.

Most often, I crop for 8x10 (4x5) so with the long edge set to 1000 px the short edge is 800. Easy! 5x7 works out to make the short side 714 and 11x17 comes out at 647. I have to remember those. But it’s still a lot easier than identifying the crop ratio for 3834 x 3067 (it’s 8x10).

Use Process Recipe Proofing Is OnThere is a watch-out. If the Recipe Profile option is on, you’ll get a screen proof using the ICC Profile of the currently selected Process Recipe instead of what you may really want.

Use Process Recipe Proofing Is OffTo fix that you need to do one of two things. 1) Set the Process Recipe up so that it uses the ICC Profile you want to proof with. 2) Disable recipe proofing by changing the menu item View → Show Recipe Proofing so that the menu item is Hide Recipe Proofing. That’s a little confusing, I wish Phase One would make it a toggle with a check mark for either on (recipe proofing) or off (no recipe proofing).