About This Site

The 1911 Platform is my attempt at sharing the information I discover or learn about the 1911 pistol platform. The vast network of information about the 1911, 2011, and double-stack 1911 provides a flood of information and I can only imagine what someone new to these guns would be thinking. A beginner would be overwhelmed, as I was. Maybe this blog can help them.

I expect to cover topics about the guns themselves, DYI gunsmithing, competition (IDPA and USPSA, primarily), as well as its use in self-defense.

The Platform’s Platform

For the technically minded reader, this site runs on the open-source content management system Grav . Because Grav does not use a database of any sort (a site is just a collection of text files) it’s simple to maintain and easy to move to another server.

And, being text files, creating and editing using Panic Software’s Nova is just perfect. Nova is a 100% first-class Mac citizen and runs nowhere else.