If you want to learn more about 1911 gunsmithing, maybe even enough to build a 1911, I can help with the sources of information that were important to me.

It might be impossible to learn everything there is to know about gunsmithing (pistolsmithing?) as it relates to 1911. But I was able to learn enough to have built three.

I’ll list my references starting with what I found most helpful and working my way to those that were helpful, but perhaps not critical.

The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide by Walt Kuleck with Drake Oldham
This might not be the book to start your 1911 education, but it will be all kinds of help if you want to build a 1911. It’s available from Amazon.

The Colt .45 Automatic by Jerry Kuhnhausen
The definite reference. Also from Amazon.

Mosin Virus (no, I don’t know his real name)
I first found Mosin Virus on YouTube and proceeded to watch every one of his 1911 videos. He was the inspiration for me to attempt to build a 1911. YouTube has begun deleting his older videos and it’s a shame. Look at his playlists for his 1911 work.

The 1911forum Gunsmithing Forum
The1911forum has a number of sub-forums, one of which is Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting. There are a number of very helpful members, some of which are professional pistolsmiths. Use the search function to find what you need and then ask a question if you can’t find something helpful. Be sure to read the pinned topic on extractor fitting.

The 1911 Addicts Gunsmithing Forum
Another great general forum, 1911 Addicts also has a 1911 Gunsmithing sub-forum with many hobbyist and professional members ready to help.

Full30 Gunsmithing Forum
This general forum is newer and so isn’t as rich as 1911 Addicts nor 1911forum. But it also hosts videos, now that YouTube has been unfriendly to firearms content. Mosin Virus participates in the gunsmithing forum.

The 1911 Project a website by C. Kaukl
This website leads you through a 1911 build from a hobbyist’s perspective. You probably want to read this page first.

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